EntireHotel automatically collects, analyses and reports on data from your hotel or entire portfolio, allowing you to use this data improve the guest experience.

Next generation technology for hotel reporting and control systems

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Next generation hotel reporting & control systems

EntireHotel brings the next generation of technology to your properties, allowing you to automatically bring in data from different systems for reporting and analysis, and to use this data to improve the guest experience using our in room entertainment and mobile check in systems.

Reporting and Analysis

With an automatic link to your PMS system, EntireHotel provides advanced reporting in a simple portal

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EntireHotel gives you a clear overview of your whole operation, proving key information and insight.

In Room Entertainment

EntireHotel’s entertainment system offers TV, movies and hotel services in an advanced package. Engage your guests with a high class entertainment system and personalised information

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Easily see which of your guests are checked in or out and search for previous entries with EntireHotel's mobile check in software.

Check In Tablet

Don’t be chained to reception. Check guests in from anywhere with EntireHotel’s mobile software

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EntireData powers EntireHotel by collecting, analyzing and reporting on your data.

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